May help to maintain blood circulation and healthy capillaries
May help to protect the body against free radical damage
Supports general wellbeing


Free radicals are highly reactive compounds that form in your body in response to poor diet, sunlight, stress and inflammation.
Grape seed extract is a source of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC’s) and has antioxidant activity, which may therefore assist in protecting the body from the damaging effect of free radicals.
This formula provides the extract equivalent of 12g of dried Grape seed in each convenient capsule.

Recommended Adult Dosage:
Take 2
capsules daily with food or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Suggested Companion Products:
Wagner CoQ10 150: CoQ10 has antioxidant activity, which can assist in reducing oxidative stress throughout life and as we age.
It is an antioxidant and can therefore assist in protecting the body from the damaging effects of free radical damage.
Wagner Fish Oil 1000: Contains Omega-3 essential fatty acids which are essential for normal growth and development.

Precautions and contra-indications: Always read the label; take only as directed.

Formulated without:
Gluten, wheat, dairy products, egg, soy, corn, artificial
colours, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or

Each capsule provides
Herbal extract equiv. dry
Vitis vinifera (Grape) seed 12g

Q1 What are the OPCs in Grape seeds, and why are they

A1 Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are a family of natural
antioxidant fl avonoid compounds that occur in Grape seeds.
Grape seed extract has been used traditionally in Western
herbal medicine to support blood vessels and to help maintain
healthy circulation throughout your body. It can also protect
tiny blood vessels in your body known as capillaries and help
to maintain circulation to your hands and feet.

Q2 What are free radicals, and how can they cause oxidative

A2 Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can form in
your body when it’s exposed to sunlight, computer screens,
pollution, stress and some natural metabolic processes. These
molecules can interact with other molecules in your cells,
leading to a form of cellular damage called oxidative damage.
The collagen structures in capillaries are especially vulnerable
to this kind of damage. Grape seed extract may help maintain
collagen structure. Collagen is a support structure of the skin
and blood vessels.

Q3 What are fl avonoid antioxidants, and how do they work?
A3 Flavonoid antioxidants are a group of plant compounds
that are most often found in brightly coloured fruits and
vegetables. They work by neutralising – sometimes called
“scavenging”- free radical molecules before oxidative damage
can occur.
Different types of antioxidants neutralise different types
of free radicals; so it is important to eat a wide variety of
antioxidant-rich foods to help reduce free radical damage.